Amish Cookie Recipes

The Amish people have long been known to be stellar bakers and cooks, so it is not surprising that the Amish have some of the best recipes for baking a wide variety of items, including cookies. The following recipes are traditional Amish recipes handed down through generations of Amish families. From plain cookies to fancy cookies, the Amish love to bake these delightful treats. Many old fashioned recipes are used by the Amish, including using traditional ingredients and baking tools. Ingredients like molasses, fruits and nuts are often found in Amish cookie recipes. You may notice that chocolate is not used as often in Amish recipes, as it is not as readily available to them. However, standard cookie ingredients like flour and sugar are plentiful in Amish areas, so their recipes often use this standard ingredient base.

If you are looking to taste a bit of nostalgia and history, consider making one of these wonderful Amish recipes for your next holiday or gathering: