Best Cookies For Shipping – Best Cookies For Care Packages

A visitor to the main cookie recipe site asked today about what the best cookies are for shipping. This is for care packages for members of the military, friends or family overseas or just across the country. Many of us will be shipping holiday cookies this year, so here are some tips for shipping cookies:

First, choose the right cookies. Thin, crispy cookies will break apart the first time it’s thrown into the mail truck. Don’t bother with those, this includes sugar cookies, crispy cookies, any thin cookie and any soft and crumbly type of cookie. Your best option will be to pick a recipe specifically for larger size cookies, a good option would be our best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is a big, thick cookie that won’t break apart too easily. You can also vary the ingredients and choose different types of chocolate chips or add nuts. Bar cookies are also excellent choices. These include brownies, blondies and any other bar cookies. Many drop cookies and refrigerator cookies will also be good options, since they are smaller and denser, therefore more difficult to break.

More Tips

– For extra protection and to make sure the cookies are fresh when they get to the recipient, wrap each one in plastic wrap. For some types of cookies, it may be better to wrap two together at a time.
– Make sure the cookies are completely cooled before wrapping them and boxing them.
– Make sure there are no large spaces in between the cookies, pack them tightly and use tissue paper or newspaper to fill the space between them. You don’t want the cookies moving around inside their container.
– For maximum freshness, bake them as close to your shipping time as possible. Meaning, don’t bake them on Tuesday and send them on Friday if you can help it. You want them to taste good right?
– Most importantly, place the wrapped cookies into an airtight container. This can also be a gift for the recipient, so you can use a new Tupperware or other plastic container or use a tin. You can also decorate the container.
– Make sure to cushion the sides of the box with some packing peanuts, bunched up newspaper, tissue paper or other lightweight filler, so the container doesn’t bounce around in the box.
– Don’t forget to write “Perishable” or “Fragile” in big, clear letters on each side of the package.

Cookies are a great, heartfelt gift that’s sure to please anyone, it’s also economical too. So start baking and sending!

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