Christmas Cookie Recipes

Welcome to our cookies recipes for Christmas section. You’ll find all the best hand-selected recipes for Christmas and the holidays here. From the best sugar cookie cutouts to old and traditional European recipes to classic cookies, decorated cookies, iced cookies to fancy cookies and so many more. Check out all of our sugar cookie recipes, which have a special category, but the most popular Christmas sugar recipes are included below as well, loaded with sugar cookies that you can roll out, cut out and decorate with frostings and candies. For icings and frostings, click here for cookie icing and frosting recipes. Having a christmas cookie party, christmas cookie making party or christmas cookie exchange party? You’ve found your ultimate source for recipes below!

Christmas is such a fun time of the year. Food, friends and celebration are all part of this holiday. As part of the food, there are plenty of Christmas cookies. Some people even pride themselves on how many kinds they can make in their own kitchen. What are the best cookie recipes for Christmas? That is a good question, let’s look at some types of cookies to find out.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies can be plain, basic cookies with no frills or they can be dolled up with decorations. There are many different recipes for these cookies. Some are listed below.

1. Sugar Cookies with their sweet, buttery flavor are also at the top of the list for Christmas cookies. So much can be done with these cookies as far as flavoring and decorating. The kids love to put icing, sprinkles or sugar on them.

2. Christmas Fruitcake Cookies are much easier to eat than the hard fruitcake we see in the stores or receive for gifts. These cookies are low in sugar.

3. Peppermint Candy Cookies are little cookies with a cream-cheese filling that is topped with a peppermint candy mixture.

4. Christmas Spice Cookies are full of the flavors of the holidays. They have nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cloves in them. Also, a touch of orange flavoring is in them from the orange juice. The rich molasses gives them a deep sweet beyond sugar.

5. There are the ethnic cookies with the Mexican Christmas Cookies and the Spanish Almond Cookies. Both are simple to make and help explore another countries take on cookies.

6. There are bar cookies from the Butter Pecan Squares to the Frosted Christmas Brownies. These are a good way to make a large number of cookies in a short time.

7. Molded Christmas Cookies have a simple recipe and then the dough gets rolled out and the cookies are cut out using special molds or rolling pins.

8. Gingerbread Cookie Mix can be made into gingerbread men or other shapes. There is also a Gingerbread House Dough mix for making the whimsical gingerbread houses. This is another great flavor of the Christmas holiday. There are many other variations on the gingerbread for cookies.

9. One fun cookie to make is the Christmas Candy Cane Cookie. The dough is made up and then divided into two separate bowls. One is left the plain off-white and the other is colored red. Small balls of each color are rolled out into 4″ ropes. One rope of each colored are then rolled together and formed into a candy cane. Then they are baked. This has been a popular Christmas for a very long time.

It is easy to see all the flavors these cookies bring to a Christmas celebration. Just think, these are just a small sampling of the some of the best cookie recipes for Christmas that can be made. There are many more to be found in recipe books, on the Internet and in one’s own family.