Gift Jar Mix Recipes

Great gift idea! Heartfelt, from your home, and economical too!

With cookie mixes in a jar, you are basically measuring out all the dry ingredients needed for a recipe and providing easy to follow instructions on a gift card for someone. Since you are only including the dry ingredients in the mix, your gift recipient can store the mix on the shelf for months, even a year or more and can make the cookies whenever they please. This is especially handy during the holiday season when many people give gourmet gifts like chocolates and other sweets that are perishable. So its a wonderful gift idea to offer something they can store and use at a later date, on a rainy or snowy day perhaps.

Below we offer a number of mix in a jar recipes for making popular cookies that will satisfy anyone, including chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, gingerbread and some unique twists on those recipes:

Cookie mix in a jar recipes are wonderful gifts for any occasion. Make some cookies in a jar today!

Chocolate chip cookies are a great gift idea for anyone. Consider oatmeal cookies for seniors and older folks. Peanut butter cookies are great for people who don’t care for chocolate. Snickerdoodles are a wonderful, simple type of cookie that is great for families. Brownies are a great gift for people who have smaller kitchens and not a lot of kitchen tools or utensils like cookie sheets or spatulas.