Halloween Cookie Recipes

Fun Halloween cookie recipes especially for Halloween parties and events! Halloween is a perfect time for baking, with the nights getting colder in most areas, and with so many Halloween parties going on, both at school and at work. Cookies are a fun treat for Halloween, and can be decorated in a multitude of scary ways. Consider any of these Halloween cookie recipes for your next Halloween party or event:

Having people over for Halloween? My favorite cookie recipe for Halloween are cut-out cookies shapes like bats, black cats, jack-o-lanterns or scary spiders. They are easier to make than you think and will surely impress your guests. Halloween Thumprints are also a fun idea, easy to make and fun to eat for all ages.

After Halloween, you will have loads of pumpkins leftover, don’t let them go to waste! Put them to good use by making¬†pumpkin flavor cookies. It might not sound good, but pumpkin is not a super strong flavor and lends itself well to sweet recipes. Pumpkin is especially good when combined with maple syrup.