Most Popular Christmas Cookies – Top Ten Christmas Cookie Recipes

We are in the midst of Christmas cookie baking season! Are you done baking or are you still in need of some Christmas cookie recipes? Either way, here are the most popular and the top ten Christmas cookie recipes on our site this season —

#1 Traditional Decorated Christmas Cookies – No surprise here, people want the best sugar cookies for decorating with frosting and candies.

#2 Christmas Butter Cookies – This one may be a surprise, these are much more simple cookies, rich and buttery but not as easily frostable. Though they are easy to make, perhaps the easiest Christmas cookies you can make.

#3 Auntie’s Christmas Cookies – Here is another sugar cookie recipes, traditional, good for decorating.

#4 Christmas Spice Cookies – Here is another surprise entry on the list. You would think gingerbread would fit the bill for spice cookies, but this recipe has proven to be very popular.

#5 Christmas Angel Cookies – These are some fun angel shaped cookies, great for making with kids.

#6 White Christmas Cookies – Another fun cookie to make and you get great results.

#7 Christmas Candy Cane Cookies – These cookies are actually shaped like a candy cane and with the use of double colored doughs, they look like candy canes as well. A fun cookie to make and they look fantastic as a gift or to set out for your Christmas buffet or table.

#8 Old Fashioned Soft Sugar Cookies – For those looking for a great tasting but soft sugar cookie.

#9 Christmas Ginger Cookies – A gingerbread style cookie recipe, but a bit more simple.

#10 Frosted Christmas Brownies – Here is another surprise, Christmas brownies! Yes, Christmas brownies, these are just brownies with some Christmas decorations. Easy and fun to make for Christmas and great for chocolate lovers.

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