Vegan Cookie Recipes

Around the holidays and for family events and occasions, the vegans in the family are often left with few choices to eat. My vegan friends often say that they will simply eat vegetable side dishes, bring their own snacks or eat a large meal before arriving so as not to bother the other guests. Well, no longer, there are many vegan recipes that most people will even be able to tell are vegan, because they taste the same or better than traditional recipes that use animal products. Why not make something special for the vegan in your life, like one of the vegan cookie recipes below:

Veganism means that you don’t eat animal products of any kind, including things like gelatin and honey. Generally, there isn’t too much difference between regular and vegan cookie recipes. The main differences are that you will replace the butter in the recipe with a vegetable oil based margarine. Also, the egg is usually replaced with an egg replacement product. The other ingredients are usually the same, including the chocolate, as dark chocolate is considered vegan. It is milk chocolate that is not vegan, as it obviously contains milk.

In addition to satisfying your vegan guests, these vegan cookies will satisfy everyone by being incredibly tasty, your non-vegan guests most likely won’t be able to tell they are eating something vegan!